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Trees of Ireland

This country has many native species of tree, some which were introduced so long ago they have become naturalised, and more exotic trees recently planted. Our natives would be Oak, Ash, Birch, Holly and Yew. Naturalised includes Beech and Sycamore. Exotics include Monkey Puzzle, Paulownia and Magnolia. There are many more examples of all these.Continue reading “Trees of Ireland”

Film clips with a green edge

Green Week / Sustainability Week 2021 This year Green Week marks our first year on our journey toward achieving the An Taisce Green Campus award. We have chosen to explore the themes of Litter and Waste, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Climate Justice. Green Edge (Horticulturalist Marion Keogh) has given us a fresh dose of “Grow ItContinue reading “Film clips with a green edge”

Why eat vegetarian?

Who says we should eat less meat? According to the World Health Organisation, the United Nations Environment Programme and many other bodies, we collectively eat more meat than we need. Meat uses a lot of resources to produce, which includes land, water and feedstock crops. We also have a responsibility to care properly for animalsContinue reading “Why eat vegetarian?”

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